Desirable Burner Belt

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From Booty to Waist we got you covered! Naturally Fit Empire Waist Trainer and Naturally Fine Fit Cream will have you rocking that tiny waist in no time. 

Desirable Burner Waist Trainer (Plus-Size available)

 Desirable Burner Waist Trainer & Ab Support Belt is the ultimate for women looking to tone, trim and shape their waistline and achieve that sexy hourglass figure. Designed to tighten and compress your abdominal muscles and assist you to decrease fat in the stubborn area. Creates thermogenic heat like effect that enhances sweat.

We also offer this waist trainer in plus sizes as well up to 9-XLarge! Get your high quality plus size waist trainer only at Naturally Fit Empire. For Maximum results use with Naturally Fine Fit Cream which will allow you to slim your waistline even faster. 

 Fine Fit Cream has you covered from head to toe! Helps you take inches off your waistline or any stubborn problem area. Activated with increased movement, or when used with any of our waist trainers and slimmers. 

  • Helps Target Stubborn and Problem Areas
  • Promotes Increased and Rapid Sweating 
  • Supports the Repair of Dull, Saggy and Overly Stretched Skin
XS 22" - 24" 105lb - 115lb 120lb - 131lb
S 24" - 26" 116lb - 120lb 131lb - 140lb
M 27" - 29" 121lb - 140lb 141lb - 160lb
L 29" - 31" 141lb - 160lb 161lb - 180lb
XL 31" - 33" 161lb - 180lb 181lb - 200lb
XXL 33" - 35" 181lb - 200lb 201lb - 220lb
3XL 35" - 37" 201lb - 220lb 221lb - 240lb
4XL 37" - 39" 221lb - 240lb 241lb - 260lb
5XL 39" - 41" 241lb - 260lb 261lb - 280lb
6XL 41" - 43" 261lb - 280lb 281lb - 300lb