Perkster (Breast & Back Slimming Top)

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Perkster Sports Bra

Slims and burns calories in the breast and back areas. Full upper body. 
Increase body temperature and removes water and fat. 
Thermal action with the skin as you wear it. 
Designed to flush out toxins and reduce cellulite.
Double layer textile, with inner yellow faced textile to remove toxins, water and fat, while the outer black textile remains dry for a complete workout.
Sweat pants begin to lose weight for you because of the special material, which makes weight loss up to 4 times more efficient.
You sweat and the weight goes down suddenly.
Tips and about the Perkster:
How to get firmer breasts without surgery… Yes, Perk up for our all-natural and proven results. There’s really no need for you to rush on the surgery table. Get back the youthful and perky looks of your cleavage. This top will create greater muscle activation which results in a greater upper body caloric expenditure. Whether you are an AA or DD everyone wants their boobs to be nice and perky. Order your Perskster today.  Tighten and firm boobs and flatten those love handles.  Protect your skin from sun rays. Improve the blood flow to your bosoms and relieve lymphatic build up as well. This top positions your upper body to fight gravity and aging and stay perky and firm in the upcoming years. Therapy can improve blood flow (oxygen and nutrient supply) to your breast tissues as well as help with collagen production in your skin. Better blood circulation and improved collagen production can help your breasts be firmer and more perky. Pregnancy, hormone fluctuations and aging can cause breasts to sag. Although aging of the breast tissue and skin is natural, there are some exercises and practices you can use to firm your breasts. Start with the Perkster.  All you need is a couple of minutes per day in this top. Hot and cold water therapy helps lift. And of course, a good breast massage .
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