Snatched and Lean Vest

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Waist Training and Steam Sweat Vest ( Cincher and Suna Suit all in one)

We have answered all your prayers and created a vest, waist trainer and sweat belt in one. Perfectly aggressive and comfortable. NO clips, NO rolls or flips! Easy to put on and stay on. Literally melts away the fat. Comes three colors. Perfect for every day use and for exercising. Will definitely improve your posture, provide lumbar support, AND shape your waist.

  • Increase sweating while working out.
  • Great for walking, running, jogging or cardio.
  • Removes excess upper/lower back fat.
  • Interior lining is special sweat material made with a protective layer of black jersey mesh.
  • Targets abs and love handles.
  • Removes toxins inside the body.
  • Comes with a side pocket for media devices.
  • Colors are available in Black and Pretty Pink.
  • Fits up to a 55inch Waist